Why You Should Read Children’s Books Even Though You Are So Old and Wise

When was the last time that you read a children’s book? Do you think you are too old to read them now? Why You Should Read Children’s Books Even Though You Are So Old and Wise by Katherine Rundell discusses why reading children’s books into adulthood may allow you to become more imaginative, creative, and develop a new perspective of the world around you.

While many would assume that children’s books may not carry as much weight as an adult novel, who is to say that children’s literature can’t have a similar deep and profound message? Rundell argues just that, children’s books are one of the first places we learn about big and profound feelings and emotions like: bravery, kindness, empathy, understanding, and forgiveness. As adults we might benefit from revisiting those old tales to re-learn and experience the lessons from our youth.

Rundell’s work is unapologetically eye opening with a sprinkle of politics. Its not enough that adults re-incorporate children’s books into their reading list. Rundell argues that we need to evolve and change the stories and fairy tales of our youth to make them more enriching, inclusive, understanding, and accessible (through public and school libraries). Students need be able to access and see themselves in the literature that we are providing to them. Because as Rundell states, “Fairy tales are for everyone.”