Dear Edward

Ann Napolitano tells the tale of tragedy, growth, and healing in her most recent novel Dear Edward. Edward is the sole survivor of a plane crash, killing his mother, father and brother leaving him orphaned and in the custody of his aunt and uncle in new jersey. Napolitano takes us on a journey of grief and self-discovery where a young boy named Edward learns to cope with the trauma he endured in the crash, the grief of losing his family, and the guilt he experiences being the sole survivor of a terrible tragedy.

The story line of the book is very dynamic. Napolitano alternated chapters of Edwards day to day life after the crash with a hour by hour countdown to the plane crash that kick started Edward’s new life. This choice gave a face to all the characters that perished in the crash and created a more interesting story arch.

One aspect of the book that I cherished the most was all the supporting characters. All characters present in Edwards life post plane crash are committed and supportive of his recovery. His aunt and uncle are patient and understanding of his process and even act as legal liaison when it comes time to talk to settle with lawyers and the airline. His teachers and principal are fair and provide all the accommodations he needs to be successful in school. He makes a new friend with ease, a neighbor, who feels like just as much an outcast as he does. Without each of these relationships, Edwards recovery and development as a character wouldn’t have been possible.

However, Edward isn’t the only character to embark on a journey of healing and self discovery. Each of the supporting characters also have their own enriching character arch in parallel to our protagonist. In his own healing journey, he also helps foster the healing of others.

Have you read Dear Edward? Did you love it or hate it? I’d love to hear about it in comment section below!

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