What is a dog

How much do dogs really affect our lives? Chloe Shaw takes us on a heart breaking journey of healing and self discovery in her recent book, What is a dog? After the death of her family’s dog Booker, she recounts the influence every dog in her life since childhood up until the moment of their beloved Bookers death. Shaw describes her journey from birth to adulthood with a canine joining her for each season of life. 

What is a dog? is relatable story for any dog lover. Shaw’s work will cause you to think back on lovingly on the life of every dog you have ever owned and shed a tear for their absence. Shaw calls us to reflect on our four legged friends and release the grief of their passing out into the world. 

I write this review as my dog zooms and runs around my appartment, causing mischief and mayhem. Much like me, this book may cause you to hug your pups a little tighter.  I can only recommend this book if one of your hobbies includes crying over a book from your local library. 

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